Do you know that Dorothy Gaters coached her teams to 10 State Championships and Doug Bruno has had 26 DePaul University teams invited to the NCAA Tournament?

On September 28th, we hosted a grand event where we had girls' high school and women's college basketball coaches bring their teams to hear two coaching icons, Dorothy Gaters and Doug Bruno, speak on Title IX at our 50th Anniversary Celebration. You could travel all over the state and not have two better people talk about the importance of Title IX. They were our first pioneers when it comes to girls' and women's basketball. It was a fun and memorable evening.

Mike Bailey did an excellent job as the MC allowing the two stars to speak individually and then fielded quality questions from the audience. The three hour event was created and orchestrated by Bruce Firchau and assisted by Bob Ward, who made it a very memorable IBCA happening that could never be repeated as are most Historical Events we host. We are sure Bruce will send out more pictures.

Thank you to everyone who attended such an important event!

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