An information flyer was sent out in the spring of 1971 by Sherril Hank’s of Quincy High School in regards to the possible formation of the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association.

At the request of Sherril, an initial meeting was held at the Holiday Inn South, in Springfield, on September 23, 1971.

The following basketball coaches were in attendance:

Chicago – John Schultz (Tilden Tech)

Chicago Suburban – Ron Nikcevich (LaGrange Lyons); Ron Ferguson (Thornridge); John Schneiter (New Trier East)

Downstate – Bob Beals (Mendota); Chuck Rolinski (Toluca); Dawson Hawkins (Pekin); Bob Jones (Centralia); Tom Atkins (Joppa); Sherril Hanks (Quincy)

Sherril Hanks presided initially and explained the purpose of the “get together” was namely to make the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association a reality.  Its purpose was to promote basketball and basketball improvements.

A temporary slate of officers were elected:

Sherril Hanks – President
Chuck Rolinski – Vice President
Ron Ferguson – Vice President
John Schultz – Vice President
Bob Jones – Secretary – Treasurer

A second meeting was called for with the purpose of formulating a constitution.  This meeting was to be held on October 11, 1971, 10 am, at the Moose Home, 124 W. White Street, Champaign.

The following basketball coaches were in attendance:

Tom Adkins (Joppa); Bob Beal (Mendota); Stan Borgman (Fulton); Lee Cabutti (Champaign Central); Ron Ferguson (Thornridge); Bill Gleason (Loyola Academy); Sherril Hanks (Quincy); Dawson Hawkins (Pekin); Ron Herrin (Olney); Bob Jones (Centralia); Ron Nikcevich (LaGrange Lyons); Chuck Rolinski (Toluca); John Schultz (Tilden Tech); Dave Shannahan (Belleville West); Will Slager (Chicago Christian); Jack Tosh (DeKalb).

A constitution was adopted and a permanent slate of officers were elected.

Sherril Hanks – President
Chuck Rolinski – 1st V.P.
Ron Ferguson – 2nd V.P.
John Schultz – 3rd V.P.
Bob Jones – Secretary
Stan Borgman – Treasurer

The other coaches in attendance were appointed by Sherril Hanks to the Board of Directors.

A membership drive was discussed and plans were made to reach the basketball coaches of Illinois inviting them to join the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association.

The next meeting of the IBCA was on November 6, 1971 at the Moose Lodge in Champaign.

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