IBCA Membership


IBCA Membership Registration

Membership runs from September 1st through August 31st each calendar year. Registration typically opens in August, and all past members and head coaches will be e-mailed when it does.

The benefits of membership and the mission of the IBCA can be found here. 


We recognize the accomplishments of players, coaches, and organizations.


We provide our members with coaching clinics, All-Star Games, Hall of Fame Banquet and more!


We give support to our member coaches and provide coaching resources to help them perfect their craft.

Individual Membership

Retired Coaches only $10!


per year
Most Popular

School Membership

Up to 15 Coaches


per year

Staff Membership

Up to 6 Coaches


per year

***Mail-In Option***

You may also choose to mail a check to the IBCA office to cover your payment. 

Please fill out the member registration pdf (click here) and mail with a check to:

IBCA Membership Office
6711 Sands Rd, Ste B
Crystal Lake, IL 60014