The following is from Scott Hennig, Head Boys Basketball Coach at Geneva High School:

Diagram 1:
SIU Drill 2
Diagram 2:
SIU Drill 1
Diagram 3:
SIU Drill 3


Diagram 1:
  • Coach passes to #1
  • #1 attacks the basket and must get two feet in the paint
Diagram 2:
  • #1 passes to #3
  • #3 attacks the paint
  • #1 follows the pass to #3
Diagram 3:
  • #3 passes to #2
  • #2 shoots the ball
  • The coaches in the corner pass to #1 and #3 for shots


Scott Hennig 001


Coach Spotlight

Scott Hennig has been the Head Boys Basketball Coach at Geneva High School since 2017. Before becoming a Head Coach, Coach Hennig served as an assistant coach for ten seasons. He is also a P.E. teacher and Department Chair at Geneva High School.

Twitter: @GVCoachHennig
Instagram: @GenevaBasketball

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